Packing BC Cherries in Kelowna

This first video of the BC Tree Fruits Export Cherry Facility (Canada's Largest Fruit Co-operative) in Kelowna is a little rough. I will film lots of new Cherry Orchards and Packing Facilities HD Videos this summer and upload them all to this website.

In 2014, BC Tree Fruits upgraded their export cherry packing facility with a new Compac Cherry Optical Sizer Line; at a cost of several million dollars. In 2014, quality and tonnage capacity were both up significantly. Their big investment will take several years to pay off, but it will all be worthwhile; benefitting growers, produce buyers and you the consumer.

Cherry Opticals have the ability to size cherries and kick out defects. The special cameras inside can take 30 pictures of each individual cherry as it goes through the machine. Amazing technology with a hefty price tag!

Please feel free to contact us with your questions and further information.

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